Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Twilight Transitions is devoted to helping older adults relocate and downsize. With hundreds of rental properties and retirement communities to choose from, how do you know which option is best for you or your elderly loved one?

Twilight Transitions takes a comprehensive and thoughtful approach to ensure your needs and preferences are fully understood. In addition to practical variables such as location, affordability and proximity to services and family, we will consider both your current and future needs. Once we know what is important to you, and what you are looking for, we will quickly narrow down the best options for you. We will save you, or your family, hours of time, money and worry.

To complete our service to you, we can help you with your actual transition by disbursing items no longer needed, preparing your home for sale, coordinating your move and resettling you in your new home.



Twilight Transitions has joined forces with Age Well Solutions in order to provide comprehensive services to our Clients. In addition to Senior Housing and Relocation Assistance, Age Well Solutions offers Care Navigation and Advocacy services, along with Health Promotion and Training opportunities for both individuals and professionals who work with older adults (see for more details).

Age Well Solutions has over 20 years of industry experience. The combined training, experience and scope of services offered make Twilight Transitions and Age Well Solutions a natural fit, as both companies were founded out of a desire to help seniors achieve maximum quality of life.



Kim MacDonald began her career as an elementary school teacher, attaining a Bachelor of Education from the University of Ottawa. When it became apparent that full-time teaching positions were scarce, Kim moved to the construction industry in Ottawa and never looked back. With 26 years’ experience managing complex, mostly multi-million-dollar construction projects, Kim has a wealth of skill sets to bring to the Relocation and Transition process. Her communication skills and attention to details are among her strongest qualities. After years of collaborating with City Officials, Consulting Engineers, Clients, Sub-Contractors and the General Public, Kim is well known as an efficient, hard-working, reliable professional who makes things happen. She is committed to being your best advocate.

It was Kim’s personal experiences that inspired her to establish Twilight Transitions in 2017. After her Mother’s sudden passing in 2014, Kim unexpectedly acquired another new job as Caregiver to her Step-Father, soon to be diagnosed with Dementia. Over the following three years, Kim assisted her Step-Father with the many challenges associated with this debilitating disease, including relocation from his 4-bedroom home, and finding the best retirement community to accommodate his preferences and care needs.

After experiencing first-hand the difficulties and complexities of her Step-Father’s life transition, Kim recognized the value of having someone reliable, with experience and industry insight, to guide people in similar situations through the process. Having obtained her Certified Relocation Transition Specialist designation in 2016, coupled with her own life experiences, Twilight Transitions was born.



You are invited to contact Kim for a free, initial consultation. Please complete the form, call 613-619-1181 or email